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Communications, CRM & IT

To compete and win in the global information economy, clean, timely, and effective communications are essential. This principle applies to sales support, customer service, field reports and cross-functional planning. All too often in large organizations, due to management changes, mergers or acquisitions, new technology, training gaps, or uncoordinated use of print inventories, key messages are diluted, misrepresented or lost. This problem extends to inconsistent corporate graphics and brand support. Likewise, the feedback loop from field sales or service to internal management often yields far less market and competitive intelligence and planning inputs than possible.

To solve these problems, MISSION offers custom, collaborative communications reviews to help companies align and unify standards, increase information effectiveness, efficiency and yield, and ensure that messages are consistent, needs-based, market-driven, compliant and capable of increasing competitive strength, brand loyalty and revenue. MISSION's capabilities address content, infrastructure, performance and organizational learning.

Our clients for communications, CRM and IT represent a broad industry spectrum: consumer products, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, magazines and non-profits.

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